Saaleck Castle Restaurant – an extraordinary experience

Lovely meals in an extraordinary atmosphere

Enjoying a magnificent view of the Saale valley you can indulge in wines produced by prestigious Franconian vintners.


Freshly caught catfish from the Hochspessart hills
DAccompanied by melted butter and parsley potatoes


Roast piglet from our farmer in Diebach with brown beer sauce
Accompanied by red cabbage and potato dumplings


Braised Franconian rabbits in plum sauce
Accompanied by home made pasta and spring salads


The royal vegetable from our asparagus farmers makes its entrance at Saaleck Castle


Hunting season is on: We serve fresh game and varieties of chanterelles fresh from the forest


Fresh porcinos from the surrounding forests, quails, poussins and a lot more are prepared for you in our castle kitchen


Wild boar and venison from woods and meadows


St. Martin invites you for a meal of roasted goose
Teatime with selected tea and coffee specialities and home made cake


Splendid dishes for the season of Advent and Christmas

All year

Delicious home made desserts, ice cream and cake specialities served with a pot of Ronnefeldt tea or selected coffees.