A night at Saaleck Castle – an extraordinary experience!

Staying the night at Saaleck Castle – an extraordinary experience!

Hotel Schloss Saaleck Hotel Schloss Saaleck The floorboards sometimes creak like in English crime movies, and you’ll find historic accessories, carefully set: here a knight’s armour, there some hunting trophies, and in a picture frame, smiling sympathetically or looking sternly, an abbot from old times.

You breathe in a bit of Saaleck history without feeling like being in a museum. Included, of course, the breathtaking view down into the Saale valley and up to the Kreuzberg mountain in the Hohe Rhön range.

Staying at the castle

Prices: Hotel Schloss Saaleck The hotel Saaleck Castle has with an extraordinary ambience.

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On our breakfast buffet you’ll find a Ronnefeldt tea set where you can prepare your tea yourself.

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